Roman amphitheater of Nora


The antique roman amphitheatre is situated at Nora in the splendid archaelogical zone. The construction of the theatre is able to be dated due to 2 important discoveries:-

The first is a "GIARA" Jar still situated in the vicinity on which the builder's tradesmark is still visible. Roman theatre of NORILIBERTO of EMPEROR DIOCLEAZIANO who lived in the 2nd Century A.D

The second and more important is a coin on which is the efigy of  Emperor Adriano coined probably in the 2nd Century A:D.and found in the wall of the theatre.

Of particular interest at the back of the theatre is a furnace used to melt glass and metal also of Roman origin.

In a raised area slightly distant is a temple dedicated to TANIT the goddess (Punic/Phoenecian) from which the whole town can be seen. Thought to be  of the god BAAL who is rappresented by a circle on top of a Triangle.Near to the temple has been found a small pyramid made from the stone of a nearby Nuraghe and this is thought to also be an efigy dedicated to the goddess.

In modern times , more recently, various cultural manifestations have been held in the theatre,having  great success and appreciation of the audience of the almost magical scenary and atmosphere.


Roman amphitheater of Nora